iSHOP Integration

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Share Information Throughout Your Shop

ALLDATA was instrumental in helping the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA®) create the iSHOPTM Version 3 (iSHOP3) industry standard. ALLDATA is the only automotive repair information system that integrates its conline products using iSHOP3. This standard helps streamline shop operations, allowing third-party products to seamlessly display ALLDATA® RepairSM information, including parts and labor, specifications, diagrams and repair procedures.

What is iSHOP3?

iSHOP3 Integration AAIA

iSHOP3 is AAIA's open standard that lets unrelated computer-based products and services in an auto repair facility work together as one seamlessly integrated shop information system. By adopting the iSHOP standard, ALLDATA can share its vast database of automotive repair information with many other industry-leading products, including: analyzers, shop management systems, alignment machines and more.

Integrate with ALLDATA

To integrate shop systems with ALLDATA you must be a current member of AAIA and complete a licensing agreement with ALLDATA. AAIA charges an annual licensing fee to become a member. Please see the reverse to learn how auto repair shops benefit from iSHOP3 integration.

To find out more on integrating with ALLDATA, please contact:
Kris DeWolfe
Program Manager, ALLDATA

For AAIA membership information, please contact:
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA)
Phone: 301-654-6664
Web Site:


How do ALLDATA customers benefit from iSHOP3 integration?

Fast Access - View the information you need right when you need it.

Seamless Integration - iSHOP3 compliant equipment communicates with other compliant equipment to help increase productivity.

Paperless Potential - iSHOP3 can help you cut down on paper usage. There's no need to print and carry paperwork from the counter to the bays.

Helps Reduce Mistakes - When systems communicate, there is no need to re-key information.

Benefit from ALLDATA Products with Advanced Features, such as ALLDATA Collision S3500 with Estimate Integration Enhancement - Integrates with ALL THREE major collision estimating systems to automatically retrieve up-to-date OE collision and mechanical repair information from a single vast database.

Increased Productivity - According to the AAIA, iSHOP can help increase technician productivity by 40%.*

Using iSHOP3, ALLDATA Repair Integrates with these other commonly used shop software products:

  • Amcom Data Processing® Applied Computer Resources® (ACR)
  • Arkona, Inc.®
  • Auto/Mate®
  • Auto-Base®
  • Automotive Visions, Inc.®
  • AutoTracker®
  • Carparts Technologies
  • Costar Computer Systems®
  • Garage OperatorTM
  • Hunter Engineering Corp.®
  • InfoSynch, Inc.®
  • Janco International ®
  • Softwrench®
  • Lankar Systems®
  • MPK Automotive Systems, Inc.®
  • Pace Software, Inc.®
  • Progressive Automotive Systems, Inc. / R.O.WriterTM
  • Protractor Software, Inc.®
  • Quality Design Systems®
  • Rome Technologies®
  • SDR Software® LLC
  • Service Station Computer Systems®
  • Tire Company Solution® LLC
  • TireSoft® LLC
  • Total Auto business Solutions, Inc.®
  • Windward Software, Inc.®
  • WinWorks Software®

*Source: Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), 2000 ©2010 ALLDATA LLC. All rights reserved. ALLDATA is a registered trademark and ALLDATA Repair and ALLDATA Collision are marks of ALLDATA LLC. iSHOP and AAIA are marks of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Subject to change without notice.