How to Attend Training

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How to Attend ALLDATA Product Training

On-demand Training

The ALLDATA Training Center provides on-demand, 24/7 training for you and your employees. These self-paced courses will teach you how to use all the features of ALLDATA’s products, and are repeatable as often as you like. The ALLDATA Training Center courses are easy to integrate in to your busy schedule, whether during a slow part of the day or from the comfort of your home.

All courses are modularized, offering you the flexibility to take the entire course or just a part. To help with learning, the courses combine narration with text, and many are interactive to give you “hands-on” practice.

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ALLDATA offers live, interactive product training via the Internet through virtual classrooms using WebEx. Qualified trainers will help you to effectively use ALLDATA® RepairSM S3000 and ALLDATA® ManageSM. Courses are available in Spanish by appointment.

Regularly scheduled courses are available Monday — Friday. See schedules below:

Important Information to Know:

How-to access instructor-led training

You may access the on-line training sessions from any computer that has high-speed internet access. It is not necessary to have your ALLDATA product installed.

  • Check the Schedule
  • Click here,, 5-10 minutes prior to start of class
  • Select the class you wish to attend and check "Status"

    NOTE: If Status is “Not Started,” then please wait for the instructor to start the class. Otherwise, if Status is “Join Now,” the class is available and click “Join Now”.
  • Complete the Registration form
  • Pop-up window appears - follow instructions to connect with the teleconference link
  • Classroom closes 10 minutes after scheduled start time

Tips to get the most out of your training
  • Set aside time for your training; try to ensure you will not be interrupted during the session.
  • Be prepared to take notes and ask questions.
  • Review your notes right after the training session.
  • Start using what you learned right away - 'practice makes perfect'.
  • Attend any of the training sessions as often as you want. Remember that all of your training is provided with every ALLDATA product; there is never an 'additional charge' or 'hidden fees' for training.
  • Call 800-684-6840 and ask for the 'Webex Open Forum' if you need a 'refresher' on any particular topic

Contact the Training Department at 800-684-6840 or 800-829-8727, ext. 4416.

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