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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ALLDATA is undergoing a green initiative to make some positive changes in the way we do business. As part of this initiative, we are shifting to an annual data update. That means you will receive your ALLDATA Repair (DVD Version) updates once a year. You will receive the same amount of data, just in fewer shipments than you have in the past.

Q I understand my data updates will now arrive annually. When will this happen?
A ALLDATA is making these changes immediately. Data updates will arrive in August. Update discs will arrive in February, May and November.

Q Will I receive the same amount of data as previously?
A Yes, you will still receive the same amount of data, just in fewer shipments than you have in the past. If you need any information that isn't in your current data, you can contact our Library Support for free and receive the information you need quickly. Or, if you would like automatic data updates, we can switch you to ALLDATA Repair (Online Version) at no additional cost. To switch to the online subscription, contact your account manager at 800-859-3282.

Q How do I switch to ALLDATA Repair (Online Version)? Does it cost more?
A Switching to online is easy and it will cost you the same amount as your DVD subscription. In fact, if you have an all-makes subscription, you'll have access from up to two computers at the same physical location for the same price!

Q Can I try out ALLDATA Repair (Online Version) before I make a commitment to switch?
A Absolutely! We offer a 10-day online trial at no obligation to you. Please call your Account Manager at 800-859-3282 to request for an online trial of ALLDATA Repair (Online Version).

Q The Internet isn't reliable/available in my area or is too expensive.
A We've developed an informational website at www.alldata.com/GetOnline that includes a list of the most common Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the country. You will also find a list of questions you can ask to help you find a reliable ISP for your business. Many ISPs offer affordable solutions based on the size of your business.

Q The Internet isn't safe... I don't want my employees surfing the Internet.
A There are many ways to track and/or inhibit certain types of Internet activity on your PC. You can set limits to which websites can be accessed, block inappropriate content or limit keyword searches. Please visit www.alldata.com/GetOnline for more information about internet security options.

Here are some FAQs about ALLDATA Manage

For additional information contact ALLDATA Customer Support at support@alldata.comor 800-859-3282 or the Training Department at 800-684-6840.

Q Why do I get an error message when I try to install Manage?
A Your anti-virus software is blocking communication through your computer's firewall. Turn your virus protection program off until installation is complete.

Q Can I export reports from Manage?
A Yes, you can export any report in Manage. In the upper left-hand corner of the print preview dialogue box, select the icon for Export. You can now save the report as a Disk File, allowing you to save the contents of your report as a PDF, Word Doc, Excel spreadsheet or other format. In the new format, the report may be edited or reformatted.

Q Why is my "New Estimate" button missing from ALLDATA Manage?
A This happens if you update your ALLDATA subscription to the latest version without opening the program and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Q Why are there no customers showing in my balance due statement?
A For a customer to show up in a balance due statement, the customer's ticket must be POSTED. If the ticket is not posted it will not show in any of the balance due reports.

Here is how to get a ticket to appear in a Balance Due Statement:

  • Post the ticket
  • The program will recognize that no money has been collected for the invoice. Since we are forming a balance due statement this is OK. Click OK.
  • Select Reports > Customer Reports. Here you can choose the balance due report you want.
  • Once you select a report, click OK. Now, the customer should appear in your balance due statement.