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ALLDATA Collision Case Studies and Testimonials

Find out why these shops depend on ALLDATA Collision's information every day!

Case Studies

Dennis Dean Gamba

Company Profile

Scott's Auto Body

Customer Testimonials

Mike Steinke, General Manager, ABRA Auto Body & Glass (Eagan, Minnesota )

No More Guessing
As I am performing my day to day duties as a General Manager in the Collision Center, the most critical part of running a successful business is to make sure that my customers are receiving the best service that my team and I can provide.

There are many critical steps when repairing a vehicle that have to be taken to assure that at the end of the day, my customers leave here, knowing, that we have provided them a safe and quality repair that conforms to Manufacturer's standards. By having correct and accurate OEM repair information available to my team at a moments notice, we could not only repair the vehicle correctly but more efficiently.

Production processes would definitely increase by allowing technicians to have correct OEM repair procedures initially, up front, instead of trying to find it in the middle of the process. The Technician would gain valuable knowledge and confidence as they are repairing the vehicle.

No more guessing as to how to perform correct sectioning procedures. No more searching for the locations of replacement items. Technicians could disassemble and reassemble various parts on a vehicle quickly and correctly by having the correct OEM information.

Our relationships with our Insurance Partners would vastly improve. They would feel more confident that we could not only perform a correct repair procedure, but a safe repair procedure that the Manufacturers recommend. As a result of this positive relationship, we would see an increase in referrals and sales as well as fewer re-inspections and interruptions to the repair process.

I cannot stress enough how valuable it would be to have precise, OEM information available to us at our fingertips or at a moments notice.

Frank Phelps and Dean Aycoth Frank Phelps and Dean Aycoth, Scott Auto body Shop (Charlotte, North Carolina)

"ALLDATA Collision has proved to be very beneficial to us. It has provided us with the correct codes for the projects that we are working on. We had one situation where we worked on a BMW, and to justify the work to the insurance company, we had to show them the exact procedures from the ALLDATA system. We were able to negotiate with the insurance company and saved quite a bit of money."

Dennis Dean Gamba Dennis Dean Gamba, Cranston Collision Center (Cranston , Rhode Island)

"We use ALLDATA" information every day for both mechanical repair and collision jobs. We love the collision request feature. The library is fast; we've never been left hanging. Collision Request is my direct window to the vast world of manufacturers' collision information. ALLDATA gives me the ability to tell insurance companies how it should be done. We had a 2004 Volvo Cross Country with front-end damage.

Because of ALLDATA's information, we were able to section the rail, saving about $5,000. Without that information we would have had to replace the entire rail. For me, it's all about knowing that we are doing the job right and that the vehicle is safe when it leaves here. I have a child and I want to know that any child is safe in a vehicle we repair."

Mitch Becker Mitch Becker, Industry Training Instructor, ABRA Auto Body and Glass

When training for I-CAR as an instructor - or for my employer - I am constantly receiving requests on where to find manufacturer information for vehicle repairs. Finding this information has been time consuming, costly and frustrating.

Having the vehicle manufacturer information available at your fingertips prevents costly mistakes, and dramatically reduces lost production time for myself and the shop.

Any vehicle repair business that provides the vehicle manufacturers' recommended repair procedures to technicians will get the job done correctly, quickly and efficiently... leaving their competitors still trying to figure it out.