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Car Maintenance for the Aftermarket Repair Business

A few years ago, when vehicle reliability was consistent from make to make, consumers accepted periodic repairs as a fact of life. Cars broke - it was that simple. Today's vehicles are much more reliable. Even the most inexpensive cars seldom need repairs. However, scheduled car maintenance is still a requirement for all vehicles.

ATI (Automotive Training Institute), a highly regarded training and consulting firm, says, "the game changed while you were busy fixing cars." This change in the automotive service industry has created opportunities for many forward-thinking shop owners. And car maintenance is a one of those opportunities.

The Business of Business The automotive service business now requires a basic understanding of which "numbers" are important, and how to increase them. ALLDATA Manage is a strategic Shop Management System, which can help you track your numbers and measure the health of your business.

Focus on Scheduled Maintenance Most drivers today will follow manufacturers' car maintenance requirements. They want to keep their warranties valid, and they want to ensure a high resale value for their vehicles. And car maintenance can be scheduled ahead of time, a major advantage over waiting for repair work, which may or may not occur.

ALLDATA Manage can import car maintenance schedules, complete with parts and labor, triggered by the mileage you enter on the estimate.

Other valuable ALLDATA Manage features include these and much more:

  • Price Matrix to apply your markups and ensure your profits at all prices over multiple categories.
  • Declined car maintenance and repair suggestions automatically saved and displayed on your customer's next visit.
  • Customer Follow-up feature lets you send Thank You, Welcome, Car Maintenance Reminder, and Recommended Service letters and emails* to your customers.

*Email Customer Follow-up emails require ALLDATA Market to be installed.

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